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Prof. Kwok Wai Samuel AU

Prof. Kwok Wai Samuel AU

Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Director, Chow Yuk Ho Technology Centre for Innovative Medicine

Faculty Member, CUHK T Stone Robotics Institute

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Prof. Samuel Au's research interests are in the design, system dynamics, and control of robotic systems with applications to rehabilitation, medical intervention, and human-centered machine. Samuel focuses on developing new methods of synthesis, analysis, and optimization of novel robots and mechanism, as well as control principles. In addition, Samuel also likes to leverage the design and control knowledge, together with medical science and innovative design to create novel robotic solutions to address fundamental clinical questions, overcome limitations of existing medical devices, as well as enable new medical treatment. Ultimately, Samuel hopes to provide profound impacts in the quality of life of patients through technologies.



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da Vinci ION system:
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